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Staff Software Engineer, Devops

Job ID 115662 Sep. 26, 2022 San Isidro, Perú

Hola! Felicitamos y valoramos tu interés por seguir creciendo dentro del  Grupo Scotiabank, nos encontramos en búsqueda de talento que aporte con sus conocimientos y experiencia a la posición y sobre todo con OPTIMISMO.


Leads and oversees the Staff Software Engineering, DevOps chapter at Scotiabank Peru ensuring business strategies, plans and initiatives are executed / delivered in compliance with governing regulations, internal policies and procedures.


·Leads and drives a customer focused culture throughout their team to deepen client relationships and leverage broader Bank relationships, systems and knowledge.

·Jointly with key stakeholders, evolve the methods and processes for software delivery in the organization to accelerate experimentation, validation cycles, and value delivery.

·Implement, use and evolve continuous integration tools, practices and models to scale our software development as we grow our digital transformation to more products, segments, entities and geographies.

·Handle deployment and infrastructure configuration management as a software problem, with focus on automation, quality and repeatability.

·Handle planning, execution, orchestration and optimization of software release management for digital banking components and systems.

·Apply controls and testing tools to prevent common vulnerabilities at an application level.

·Implement tools and practices for lifecycle management of data pipelines, data assets and machine learning models, from design to operation to evolution.

·Leads the software development lifecycle, take ownership for initiatives and technical decisions at a program level and take ownership for your work and your craft.

·Mentor and actively provide coaching to other members in your program.

·Build and implement methods and tools to improve the software lifecycle and the engineering experience.

·Use technologies like Git, Jenkins, Gradle, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, ArgoCD, IDEs and automation tools, are highly skilled in software engineering and computer science, and love to learn and co-create with multidisciplinary teams

·Understand how the Bank’s risk appetite and risk culture should be considered in day-to-day activities and decisions.

·Creates an environment in which his/her team pursues effective and efficient operations of his/her respective areas in accordance with Scotiabank’s Values, its Code of Conduct and the Global Sales Principles, while ensuring the adequacy, adherence to and effectiveness of day-to-day business controls to meet obligations with respect to operational, compliance, AML/ATF/sanctions and conduct risk.

·Builds a high performance environment and implements a people strategy that attracts, retains, develops and motivates their team by fostering an inclusive work environment and using a coaching mindset and behaviours; communicating vison/values/business strategy; and, managing succession and development planning for the team.

Scop: Program Mentor


·Leads technical decisions, strategic initiatives, community of practice development, coaching and issue resolution for a 4-10 member technical team (Scotiabankers and contractors) in an specific chapter and program.

·Operational joint accountability for technical assets

·Impact on millions clients and monetary transactions a year or more.

·Impact on retail sales and wholesale Banking.

·Ownership for pulse and metric impact for security, availability or data loss incidents, for digital channels, sales and potential impact on the rest of the bank.

Primary Skills Areas:

·Software Testing, Evolution andMaintenance



·Test Tooling andFrameworks

·Continuous Delivery

·Continuous Integration

·Site ReliabilityEngineering

·Infrastructure as Code

·Release Management

·Secure Coding

·Data Ops

Secondary SkillsAreas


·Software Design andArchitecture

·Banking MainSystems

·Programming Languages &Environments



·Operating Systems andPlatforms


·Behavior DrivenDevelopment



Developing and Coaching People:

·Actively provides coaching through timely, specific, and constructive feedback to other team members at a program level.

·Builds trust and solidifies credibility with team, Digital Banking Leadership and stakeholders.

·Encourages and supports others to accept new tasks and challenges.

Strategic Thinking

·Contribute to the development of the overall Digital Banking roadmap, taking into consideration the Scotiabank strategic plan.

·Lead the development of program- level roadmaps that tie back to the big picture.

Prioritization & Value Delivery

·Independently plans ahead for upcoming deliverables; identifies key stakeholders/ considerations early and delivers high quality results.

·Effectively leverages principles of prioritization (customer, business, technical) to make strategic decisions.

·Gets ahead of problems and decisions that need to be made and is prepared with data- driven recommendations.

·Demonstrates initiative by seeking new ways to add value.


·Consistently leverage relevant stakeholders within Digital Banking and Scotiabank. Flex your ability in your technical subject area of expertise in order to make a meaningful impact. Equip yourself and peers to manage ongoing change.

·Drive meaningful change within your technical subject area of expertise.


·Leverage communication channels to build relationships, inspire confidence, influence decisions, etc. with your key stakeholders.

·Craft messages that proactively address peer and stakeholder concerns and questions and consider the goals and motivations of intended audience.

Customer Focus

·Drives the creation of user centric products leveraging design thinking, validated learning, business needs analysis and market research.

·Analyzes and interprets data effectively (leveraging all sources available) to inform decision making processes and build a solid understanding of customer pain points, needs and expectations.

·Prioritizes solutions that attract new customers or create deeper engagement with existing customers, with long-term relationships in mind.

Self-awareness & Development

·Understands own motivations and career goals; actively plans for career development.

·Seeks specific development opportunities that would normally take one outside one’s comfort zone; committing to continuous improvement by seeking opportunities for stretch goals and projects.

·Fully aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses and seeks out feedback from multiple sources, particularly those who might have unique perspectives Contributes positively to the CoP through active participation and the development of personal and team development programs.


·Understand and operate effectively in an agile environment.

·Take active part in assuring definition of ready and definition of done criteria are met, interacting with other roles and functions.

·Identify blockers and risks and proactively work to remove them or manage them, delegating and escalating when needed.

·Be aware of team dynamics, fostering good team health and culture.

Education and experience

·Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field.

·Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field desirable.

·Typically 10 years of industry experience or more.

En Scotiabank estamos interesados en promover tu desarrollo profesional dentro de un ambiente de equidad, diversidad e inclusión. Tu postulación contribuye a la identificación del talento, gracias por participar en esta convocatoria!

En caso no puedas cargar tu curriculum vitae en nuestra plataforma, revisa el peso del mismo que debe de tener como máximo 5MB,  puede ser versión PDF o Word. Te sugerimos que en la opción de "Formato simple de curriculum"  puedas ingresar tu información.  No olvides que es importante actualizar siempre tu curriculum y en caso que hayas olvidado tu contraseña o usuario por favor seguir a detalle los pasos para recuperarlos.

Tomar en cuenta que los postulantes seleccionados se regirán a un paquete estrictamente local, sujeto a requisitos y limitaciones de índole reglamentaria u otra, tales como la obligación de tener un permiso de trabajo o diversas restricciones derivadas de contratos colectivos que pudieran afectar sus posibilidades de postulación. Agradecemos mucho tu comprensión y colaboración.

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